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    Luckily for our emotional and mental health, times have changed and it has never been easier to look after your psychological well being. It has also become apparent as well as empirically and scientifically researched and established that our optimal mental health is a priority - as much as our physical health is.

    We now know that without feeling and thinking in a healthy way, all our actions and behaviors will be negatively affected and influenced.

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    What is a Free Consultation +

    The initial intake consultation is free and lasts approximately 20 minutes. We take some time to talk about what it is that you want me to help you with. I will then explain what approach/therapeutic method I will be using and you are free to ask me all the questions you might have. If we are both pleased with the outcome of this consultation then we make arrangements for our first session.

    How online therapy works +

    Online therapy is quite straightforward and equally effective. It is even more convenient for people with mobility and physical restraints as well as stay-at-home parents and those with busy schedules. Using a secure program, you connect to our session using your laptop, phone, or tablet! Easy as that.

    Therapy duration +

    Each individual therapy session lasts for 50 minutes. This differs for couples therapy where every session approximately lasts 75 minutes.

    Life Coaching +

    Not all issues you are facing the need to be psychoanalytically interpreted and death with. Psychotherapy is not always the right tool. You might need some guidance, professional advice, and help with issues that involve your work, family, or yourself. If that is established then Life Coaching is the direction that your sessions will take.

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    Feeling Down

    Some days feel like nothing will go right. The world looks gray, most things are meaningless and you just feel down and miserable. You don’t always know why  – you just feel this way.

    Feeling Alone

    Different stages of life bring about different emotional and psychological needs and changes. No matter what the situation you are in, we can find healthy ways towards psychological growth.

    Feeling Depressed

    It is very easy to find yourself being caught up in life; parenthood, work, and family commitments end up taking up most of your time, and this way neglecting your most basic psychological needs.

    You said

    They said

    Effie helped me so much to overcome my anxiety. At first, I was hesitant because I don't like talking about my feelings, but she helped me get better at this. Talking to Effie was the best decision I made because it has helped me progress so much in my everyday life. She helped me get my laugh back which I lost for quite some time and I will be forever grateful to her for this.

    C. 29

    They said

    Effie's professional, humane and systematic approach has really helped me rediscover myself and find the strength I thought I lacked to deal with what has been troubling me.

    E. 31

    They said

    When I made my first appointment with Effie it was heart warming. Effie made it easy as she is also an expat herself. She listened actively and passively. She showed me how to address my pain and anger differently. She taught me breathing exercises which help me to calm down. She has expertise in her field and shares it one step at a time, in a very calming and tolerable pace!

    R. 39

    They said

    I'm really grateful to have met Effie to learn how to deal with my panic attacks and to not fear them anymore 🙂 By proposing walking and online therapy . Effie is available and makes sure to accommodate the session to make it work for you. Just... Thanks !

    E. 26

    They said

    Initially I was really scared of therapy...facing my inner most fears and being vulnerable. However after meeting Effie and beginning my therapy journey it seemed very natural. I never felt rushed or judged. We instantly made a good connection. I found I could talk to Effie about everything. I felt safe and supported and all times and most of all......heard. With Effie's help I have learned so much about myself and also discovered I'm not all the negative things I believe I was for so long. I found I was coming to my own conclusions about things I had suffered in the past but Effie was a guide. I will never forget the help support and validation she gave me and how she helped become the real me.

    Andrea 34

    They said

    I was feeling lost and I couldn't find a light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily, I met Effie and now I can see the sun, even in the Netherlands!

    Filina 31

    They said

    Life coaching with Effie gave me a focus and balanced my hectic lifestyle. Thank you!

    E. 46

    They said

    Spending most of my time away from home made me feel disconnected, to say the least. Great help, recommend it.

    J. Cashier

    They said

    Online therapy worked amazingly well for me! Totally recommend it.

    M. Manager
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