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May 2024
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Raising Emotionally Healthy Children

Being a parent is stressful. None of us have all the right answers, none of us know the perfect solution to every single situation. We learn as we go along; parenting is all about evolving, a journey of personal growth, of learning to forgive ourselves. We shouldn’t go for perfect, we should go for love. Positive parenting is all about placing Emotional Intelligence, love, and empathy into everything we do, say, share, or teach our children.

Emotional intelligence is “the ability to identify your own emotions and the emotions of others.” (Psychology Today). Emotional intelligence consists of four primary skills, which apply to both emotionally intelligent children and adults: the ability to effectively identify, reason with, understand, and manage emotions.  It may seem easier than it sounds. In fact, identifying feelings and sympathies with others doesn’t come naturally at all for many people.

When both parents follow the concepts of Emotional Intelligence through everything they do, they will help their children develop healthy emotional bonds and attitudes.

Like all children, of course, they will also experience unwanted feelings of sadness, disappointment, loss, and fear under specific circumstances.

Individual sessions focusing on your parenting style and early life prototypes that affect the way you behave towards your children. We will learn new, healthier ways that strengthen family bonds.

These sessions involve both parents and their aim is to collectively bring about the issues that cause distress and conflict and adopt ways that encourage attachment parenting.

Sessions where the whole family is involved. We will openly discuss current interactions, challenge distorted thinking, and encourage new ways of effective communication.

Pregnancy can be a stressful period full of a rollercoaster of emotions. Let me help you find clarity, balance, and internal peace which will benefit you, your baby and the whole family.

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Help Your Children Thrive

Every Tantrum can be Used as a Teaching Tool

Emotional Intelligence DOES require a great level of commitment, effort, and patience. It is not an easy job but the most important one.

Emotionally Intelligent dads have a positive impact on their children’s life attitude. By being aware of their children’s emotions they can guide them effectively through problem solving and interpersonal relationship techniques.

Family conflicts are part of every family’s reality; It is very important, though, to understand that while nothing can magically take away all the problems, all members of the family will feel respected, listened to, and safer by applying empathy and Emotional Intelligence.

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